Wishlist: Cosmetic Customisation

We're reaching that point in Legion where people are starting to speculate about the next expansion. People are also speculating about possible new features, races and classes. Personally, I am quite content with the current races and classes, but would love to see more cosmetic customisation options in future expansions! Here is a list of some of the changes that are at the top of my wishlist (besides more unicorn mounts!).

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Favourite Zones: The Burning Crusade

I've previously listed my favourite zones from Vanilla, and today the turn has come to The Burning Crusade. Leveling through Outland took me forever back then. I was clueless and still using a 60% speed ground mount, but had a blast anyway! The Burning Crusade is also where I settled into an active guild for the first time and tried raiding, so I'm particularly fond of its zones.

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Favourite Zones: Vanilla

Over the years I have developed a fondness for certain zones in the game. It might be because of their brilliant atmosphere and lore, or because something important happened there like finally getting my first ground mount. And sometimes it's because the zones were a nightmare to quest in, yet I've somehow turned those traumatic memories into positive ones...

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King Anduin Wrynn’s Questline, Part Two

Something I really like about WoW is how the characters are given their own stories and agendas, which develop and change throughout the expansions. A new questline following King Anduin Wrynn became available earlier this week, and I have summarised the first half of it here. This post will cover the final part of the questline.

This post contains spoilers for the King Anduin Wrynn quest chain in 7.2

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King Anduin Wrynn’s Questline, Part One

We haven't really seen much of Anduin Wrynn since the Broken Shore scenario. Whilst Legion has developed characters such as Prophet Velen, Sylvanas Windrunner and Khadgar, Anduin has been absent until now. There's now a new questline available, and besides providing plenty of Artifact Power we learn a bit more about what the King of Stormwind has been up to lately.

This post contains spoilers for the King Anduin Wrynn quest chain in 7.2.

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Nathanos Blightcaller

Blizzard recently published a new Warcraft Short Story, "Dark Mirror", about Nathanos Blightcaller. If you played WoW in Vanilla or Burning Crusade, you've probably come across this character in Eastern Plaguelands.

Minor spoiler alert! I will discuss Blightcaller's in-game appearances in this post.

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