Hello again

So, I kind of disappeared a little over a year ago… I was drowning in work, got bored with the game and my computer was outdated. In the end I just unsubscribed and forgot about this blog completely.

Fast forward a year. I’m still drowning in work and it’s a miracle each time my computer boots up. But I’ve started playing WoW again! And I miss this blog. So I’ve decided to give this another try, and see where it goes.

See you again soon 🙂

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  1. My Christmas wish came true! 😀 So happy to see you are back! I hope you’ll find joy in the game 🙂 I actually have an experiment running, where we all try to be more positive and encouraging and no one is allowed to read any of the hostile comments or posts or videos and what not at all!
    We sure missed your joyful posts and gorgeous screenshots 🙂

    I hope work is good to you despite the business.


  2. Hello Bryssa,

    Like a few other blogs that I check from time to time (lately not as often as I would like to), I had also been checking yours every once in a while, to see if there’s new activity. Nice to hear from you again on your blog, after a long time.

    I too am in a break, not because I got bored but because of my health and also with BFA graphical updates, my laptop -even though enough for what I do- no longer gives a pleasant experience while playing. So, I am kind of like in an unpaid, indefinite leave from Azeroth at the moment, but I am eagerly looking forward to the time I will be able to come back.

    Writing is kind of like… an adventure itself. Once you start, you can’t really totally quit, and you sooner or later come back to write more. Hope your new adventures will give you new inspirations to write about.


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