Argus looms ominously in the sky above Azeroth… And is now visible to everyone, whether they have defeated Kil’Jaeden or not.

I have been looking forward to this for weeks,  but understand why some are disappointed that it happened before they even had a chance to defeat Kil’Jaeden. The final raid finder wing opened this week, and it is where the rift between Argus and Azeroth is created.

Since Legion has been about personal character development, it is a bit of a let down that plenty of players didn’t get to participate in the events leading up this. Especially since it has such a massive impact on the in-game world.

As soon as I saw Argus in the sky today, I knew I had to try and get a closer look. Despite knowing that it was just an image, and not the actual zone up there, it was still calling for me…


My plan was to start off as far in the opposite direction of Argus as possible, so I headed north-east. My friend Duskhowl agreed to join in, despite the zero chance of success, and we met up in Eastern Plaguelands.


The sickly green and orange skies in Eastern Plaguelands went really well with Argus’ colours.


The sky soon turned to orange, and we started to gain altitude.


We hit the skybox somewhere above the Hinterlands and couldn’t go any higher… But the view was lovely!


Since the skybox is higher around Blackrock Mountain we decided to head south, and passed by the ruins of Stromgarde Keep.


We also passed through the Wetlands. I don’t think I’ve seen it from above before, but the rivers form a really nice pattern.


The skybox got higher in Dun’Morogh, but we could still not get any closer to Argus…


We finally reached Blackrock Mountain, where we decided to give up. Although we didn’t succeed, or even expect to, I still enjoyed the flying tour of the Eastern Kingdoms!


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  1. I’m so glad to finally see it in the sky 🙂 It was an awesome idea to try to reach it… Too bad that we can’t engineer rockets that would be able to reach it…
    But soon, we’ll all be in the same ship… Space, The final frontier 😉

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  2. NOW I can finally read this, as I have killed Kil’Jaeden – didn’t want to spoil it for myself until then. Gorgeous screenshots,thank you for sharing 🙂 . I wish we were able to fly there – that would have been a very cool feature; even if it took like half an hour, I would have loved it.


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