Auction House Dance Party

It’s time to suit up and show off your best dance moves, because the Auction House Dance Party is in full swing! Introduced as a new micro holiday in 7.2.5, the main auction houses in Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been transformed into discotheques for the weekend.


I had completely forgotten about the Auction House Dance Party, but when I logged on this morning I noticed two suspicious looking NPCs in Dalaran; Patricia Grooverson and Shaka Jivesworn. They are promoting the event, and can be found just outside the pet shop.


I quickly headed to Stormwind to see it for myself, and found that the people of Terenas-EU were already getting their groove on at ten in the morning!


As with any large in-game gathering, toys were quickly brought out.


There was also a random fish on stage? It didn’t really impress the crowd though, as it was just flopping around halfheartedly.


I also visited the Horde dance party. In my opinion it looks better than the Alliance version; perhaps it is the darker colours?


Visiting the dance party will also grant a buff that heals you over time. So even if you’ve got two left feet it is definitely worth to pay the auction house a visit this weekend!


11 thoughts on “Auction House Dance Party

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    1. Thanks for the link, I really enjoyed reading your post about the dance party! I will definitely spend more time visiting the horde’s dance party next time around, it was way more atmospheric.

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    1. The dance party was probably the first time people could spam their toys without annoying everyone around ^^ And it was a great way to discover toys I haven’t collected yet!


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