The Critters of Mulgore

There is a small plateau full of critters hidden high up in the mountains between Mulgore and Stonetalon Mountains. At first glance it seems like a haven; lush, peaceful and teeming with rabbits, mice and prairie dogs. Not a threat in sight.



Hang on a minute…


If you stay there long enough, you will begin to notice that something strange is going on. The critters are armed and armoured…


The rabbits turn into human-sized monstrosities, who will attempt to kick you if you get too close.


No one quite knows what these critters are up to. Are they fighting each other in an endless war, or is their endgame bigger and even more sinister? Should we worry that an invasion of battle critters is imminent?

What are your thoughts?


7 thoughts on “The Critters of Mulgore

Add yours

  1. Oh, I had been meaning to go and see this happening myself sometime! Thank you for sharing 🙂 No idea what it might be about…It’s all those pet battles that have gone to their heads, poor animals…

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  2. Looks like they are forming a rebellion agains all of our critter killing achievements…

    It looks pretty funny though 🙂 Reminds me a lot of the movie Labyrinth for some reason.

    Thanx for sharing… I’m most definitely going to check this out asap 🙂

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