Wishlist: Cosmetic Customisation

We’re reaching that point in Legion where people are starting to speculate about the next expansion. It’s one of my favourite parts of the expansion cycle, as I love trawling through current and past content for clues as to which direction the story is going. It’s also really interesting to read other people’s theories on blogs and forums!

People are also speculating about possible new features, races and classes. Personally, I am quite content with the current races and classes, but would love to see more cosmetic customisation options in future expansions! Here is a list of some of the changes that are at the top of my wishlist (besides more unicorn mounts!):

Wildhammer and Dark Iron Dwarves


Prior to Cataclysm, Ironforge was ruled by Bronzebeards. After the loss of their ruler Magni, and the attempted takeover by his daughter Moira and the Dark Irons, the city was left in political turmoil.

To stabilise the situation the Council of Three Hammers was founded, consisting of representatives from the Bronzebeard, Wildhammer and Dark Iron clans. Since the other clans have been part of the Alliance for so many years, it would only seem natural that players are given the choice which clan their character belongs to.


There are already plenty of Wildhammer and Dark Iron transmog sets in-game. I would love to see the addition of optional tattoos, which are typical for the Wildhammers, as well as the iconic Dark Iron grey skin and fiery orange eyes!

Draenor Orcs


Since Vanilla, players have been given the option of playing green… and green Orcs. Which made sense for a long time, since the majority of the Orcs that came to Azeroth where tainted by the Fel. With our many trips to Outland and the alternate Draenor however, it would make sense that some of them decided to come to Azeroth with us, and we should start to see more untainted Orcs.

Bionic Gnomes


I was originally going to suggest Mechagnomes. We’ve explored plenty of Titan locations and most Mechagnomes are friendly to us. But they feel too detached from the Gnome fantasy – Gnomes are that adorable mix between Titan intelligence and logic, and human curiosity and impulsiveness!

So what about bionic Gnomes? Surely they must have adapted some of the Mechagnome science to improve themselves (not that they need to be improved!), or heal injuries? I would love to see Gnomes with permanent bionic goggles, or a mad engineer with a multi-tool as an arm!


These are just a few examples – what are the cosmetic customisation options that you would like to see in the future?


8 thoughts on “Wishlist: Cosmetic Customisation

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  1. Hello Bryssa, it’s a very madeable wishlist you have there. I really hope that the devs could here you, because I’d love to see those changes as well 😉

    Oh, untainted orcs would be awesome! (more customization options for the most awesome race in Azeroth :-p)

    I also had the feeling that the whole story about the Dwarves was a bit “unfinished”… The iron dwarves are there but adding their transmog option would definitely make us feel like they’re part of the Alliance.

    About Bionic Gnomes, I heard a few youtubers talking about a new possible class that would be Tinkers, where engineering would be brought to the fight… I could easily imagine mechanic improvements to players of that class. But, at this stage, it’s only speculations…

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    1. Thanks! Having the option of playing an untainted Orc would really be awesome. And I agree, it seems like the character creation for dwarves isn’t really up to date with current lore 😦

      Ooh, that’s exciting ^^ Love the theories and speculation that goes on before a new expansion is released, will have to look it up!

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      1. I’d love to see bards, with a healing spec and more classical instruments, and a DPS spec with an electrical guitar… But tinkers could be fun, especially if it lets you enhance your characters with implants 😉

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  2. Nice post again 🙂

    I am ok with all the options to customize characters; I find, that too many options would just take up all my time :p (I spend like 5 hours in Aion making a character once…)

    But I wish one could have the old models shown. Or have all the face-options available for Demon Hunters too.

    I would love to be able to dye my gear though. Or mounts. Or interact more with mounts/players, like hugs etc.

    Oh, I adore dwarves like that; I would love to see more content with them!

    It would actually be a great idea of Blizzard; to not make new classes/races etc, but instead give more options to the existing onces; win win for all, both them, as it wont take that much time, and us, for more variation.

    More unicorns? I hear you!

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    1. Thanks! Haha yeah, that’s the downside of more customisation options ^^

      Being able to dye gear would be great. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten annoyed over how one of my transmog items is just a little bit too yellow/grey/blue etc…

      I’ve heard they will add more unicorn mounts in 7.3, so at least it seems like they understand the importance of unicorns mounts! I’m still trying to get the Dreamrunner though… -_-

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      1. Hah yes indeed 🙂

        Yep, I know of at least one unicorn (unarmered) coming in 7.3 indeed too, but the whereabouts of it I do not know. Aw I didnt want to ask you – I wish you the best of luck on the Dreamrunner; I completely understand your desire to get it.


  3. Great post and even more great ideas 😃

    I would really love to see more options for cosmetic customisation. Dwarves would look so awesome with tattoos ❤ I recently came across fan art of a Dwarf girl with tattoos… she looked soooo beautiful. I think it would be an awesome addition to the game 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed for more cosmetic customisation options in the future.

      I think I’ve seen the very same fan art on Twitter – it was amazing and so inspirational for me who mains a dwarf!

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