Black Temple Timewalking

Black Temple is making a comeback this week, providing players with the opportunity to experience some of that Burning Crusade nostalgia! Limited to the Burning Crusade timewalking event, it’s available until the next weekly reset.


I first ventured into Black Temple in 2008. Back then, I was new to raiding, with only a couple of Karazhan and Zul’Aman runs as notches on my belt. For this very reason I am particularly fond of Black Temple. So when it was announced that it is returning as a timewalking raid, I was feeling both excited and old – can you believe it’s been almost ten years?!

Black Temple was also a big step up from previous content. The sheer scale of the instance felt epic, it was unlike anything I had seen before. And suddenly gear, talents and spell rotation, which I previously hadn’t paid much attention to, really mattered. It forced me to get to know my class and boss mechanics well enough to keep up with other raiders, and I think I became a better player for it!


Wanting to relive some of that nostalgia, I scoured the Group Finder for a group to join. After a lot of declined requests and joining groups only for them to disband, I could finally head into the Black Temple! In about two hours we proceeded to clear all bosses up until Illidan, but unfortunately a lot of people had to leave at that point.


Despite not finishing the entire raid, it was nice to revisit Black Temple and relive some of the memories from 2008. Although it’s nerfed compared to the original version, it definitely provided a challenge – especially the trash mobs! Hopefully, Blizzard will introduce more timewalking raids. Fingers crossed for Ulduar!


Are there any raids you would like to see return, even for just for a limited time?


8 thoughts on “Black Temple Timewalking

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  1. I didn’t raid it back in 2008, I was a full-timle PvP rogue by that time. Thanks to the TW,
    it felt like I was setting the score with Illidan.

    You’re right, those time walking raids are an amazing way to relive great raids… I wish they introduce more of them (Ulduar *wink wink*)

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    1. Glad to hear you could finally settle the score with Illidan ^^ Fingers crossed Ulduar is up next, loved those hardmodes!

      As a hunter since basically forever, level 70 PvP rogues still give me nightmares :O

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  2. Gosh, I know, 10 years…Time flies, pixels and real life. Aw what, declined requests? I cannot imagine why – are LFG leaders putting up strange demands?

    Glad you had a great time 🙂 I wish I could do these TW raids too, but I never have 2+hours to sit and play in. I would love to see other TW raids, but not entirely, since I havent got the time needed for a full clear. There is also a ton of stuff to do in the game.

    It would be awesome to try Black Temple; I was very fond of it back then, and TBC was where I made a big step up in the raiding environment. I’d love to do the Ghost game on Teron Gorefiend, for example!

    But Vanilla will always be the top for me, so I will have to say Blackwing Lair. There is just something about being up against Dragons…

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    1. A lot of groups seemed to have really strict requirements! In the end I found one that would let me join anyway, since I had done Black Temple back in TBC.

      It’s so difficult to find the time, especially with work and life that keeps getting in the way! Hopefully future timewalking raids will be divided into wings. That way, people in groups that disband don’t have to start over either.

      It would be lovely to revisit Blackwing Lair, although I’m not so sure about the gauntlet in there haha! I don’t think I did any raids in Vanilla besides Zul’Gurub. Would have loved to experienced AQ back then, or the original Naxxramas!

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      1. Ahh, right Ok I see. Yes I was thinking that, dividing it into wings would be great, but again, I am probably too casual compared to most gamers these days – and it would get in the way of immersive storytelling. But hey. 🙂

        Aw, yes, AQ for sure too- basically any Vanilla Raid, my rosetinted goggles are strong :p


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  3. I am very glad you had fun. It was pretty neat facing boss/trash mechanics that astounded me (trash mobs interrupting my healing spell?).
    Ulduar is a great choice if you accept that it is another very big raid with lots of bosses and travel. Actually, I’d like to see MSV; it is one of my favorites; “what does this button do?”

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    1. Yeah, CCing trash mobs was almost a requirement back then ^^ Oh to invoke the fury of a raid leader if you accidentally broke the CC…

      I’ve never tried Mogu’shan Vaults, so would love to visit it as a timewalking raid! Did you do a lot of raiding in Pandaria?

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