Midsummer Fire Festival

The Midsummer Fire Festival is here! People all over Azeroth light bonfires to celebrate the spirit of summer. Join in by honouring your own faction’s fire, or if you’re feeling mischievous you can desecrate the opposite faction’s instead!

The bonfires can be found around the capitals and faction hubs in most zones. Honouring or desecrating fires award Burning Blossoms, which can be used to purchase heirloom upgrades, battle pets and novelty armour.


Ahune the Frost Lord is also available during the Midsummer Fire Festival. Summoned by the Twilight’s Hammer, who plan to start an elemental war, he can found in Slave Pens and queued for through LFG.

Happy Midsummer!


6 thoughts on “Midsummer Fire Festival

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    1. Oh yeah, I keep telling myself to install Handynotes, but keep forgetting. It must make it so much easier to locate all the bonfires! I’m completely avoiding Draenor, since I skipped most of the expansion and haven’t got flying :/

      Happy Midsummer!


    1. Thanks, and happy Midsummer! I like it too, it’s one of my favourites alongside Hallow’s End and Brewfest. Glad the bug’s been fixed, although I wasn’t even aware there was a bug ^^ Clueless as always!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, yeah, Brewfest, awww too. That music. It puts me in such a great mood, such a happy tune ๐Ÿ˜€
        Hah, awww, not to worry, I’m here to let you know when the super-important stuff bugs up!

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