The Glowcap Festival

Glowcap mushrooms are unique to Zangamarsh and used as currency by the Sporeggar. Taking place today only, the Glowcap Festival is a celebration of these strange mushrooms. Head to Sporeggar to join the sporelings and help Fshoo, the great glowcap, grow stronger!


The aim is to keep Fshoo alive as long as possible. The giant glowcap takes continuous damage, but can be healed. Even if you don’t play a healer you can still contribute by collecting glowcaps that grow around the site. These can then be traded for healing items from Mycah, the Sporeggar Quartermaster.

Besides showing off your healing skills, the Glowcap Festival is a great way to farm Sporeggar reputation. As Fshoo grows stronger it will gain a stackable buff; ‘Fshoo Grow’. When the giant glowcap ultimately perishes, and releases its spores into the air, you’ll gain 50 reputation for each stack of this buff.

Hitting exalted with the Sporeggar awards the achievement ‘Czar of Sporeggar’, as well as the opportunity to purchase a snazzy tabard and battlepet Tiny Sporebat.


3 thoughts on “The Glowcap Festival

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  1. I liked this micro holiday! It was a nice little thing to do, being a healer and all, and extra bonus that it even gave reputation if one haven´t gotten exalted yet 🙂 March of the Tadpoles is my favorite micro holiday so far though!

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    1. I’ve really enjoyed the social aspect of some of the micro-holidays, like this one. And the rep gain was a nice bonus! March of the Tadpoles was fun, I still visit my little murloc in Borean Tundra every now and then! I even keep the presents from him because they’re so adorable.

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      1. Aww, me too! Although I wish the quality of the present wouldn´t be grey, it makes my “Sell trash” AddOn mess up greatly if Im not careful ._.
        It seems to be a weekly thing, right? I tried visiting two days in a row but then there was no quest. Hm.


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