Sunday Summary

Towards the end of this week I’ve found myself not quite knowing what to do in-game. My playstyle is divided fifty-fifty between goal-oriented tasks and random stuff with no real purpose. So while I enjoy working towards specific achievements, I also like to find out what happens if you fly into the giant ball of fel fire above the Tomb of Sargeras…

If the balance between serious and silly is upset I tend to get bored with the game. I think it’s what happened lately as I’ve completed quite a lot of projects recently. Earlier this week I got the Mantle of Command that I’ve wanted since the beginning of Legion. I got flying the other week and the novelty has worn off. I’ve acquired a ton of new battle pets and completed the new pet dungeon every reset.

Hopefully next week will shake things up, as there’s a lot happening in-game! Here’s a summary of things that will hopefully keep me and other players busy until next Sunday:


Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking: Timewalking is a great way to experience content from previous expansions, and rekindle nostalgic memories! Until the weekly reset players have the opportunity to revisit Northrend and the Scourge invasion. If you haven’t already, pick up the timewalking quest from Archmage Timear outside Violet Hold. Timewalking is only available for a few more days, so hurry up and complete five timewalking dungeons to obtain some Nighthold quality loot as a quest reward!


Children’s Week: Children’s Week is when heroes of Azeroth give back to the innocent victims of war; the children. If you head to one of the orphanages in Stormwind or Orgrimmar on Monday, you may even find yourself venturing into the world of parenting by adopting an orphan. Besides showing them the sights of Azeroth, you will demostrate questionable parenting skills by keeping them well-fed on ice cream and bring them along into battle grounds… A guide will be posted early next week when Children’s Week has begun.


PvP brawls + battleground bonus week: After the weekly reset PvP brawls return once again. Next up is Warsong Scramble, where you can capture flags even if the other team is carrying yours. Hopefully this will lead to some interesting battles, as you would actually need to defend your own base to ensure the enemy doesn’t steal your flag! Or quick ones, where people try to outrun the other team. EIther way it will be interesting to see! It also coincides with the battleground weekly bonus, where you will gain extra honour and quest rewards from battlegrounds.

What will you be doing in-game next week?

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