There’s a little snail in Highmountain who just wants to win a race no matter what… So naturally I had to help him cheat his way to victory by sabotaging his opponents! Start your engines… And may the most adorable snail win.

Turns out the Drogbar enjoy snail racing. Inside Stonedark Grotto there’s a teeny tiny racing course. Every couple of minutes four snails make their way to the starting line; Zoom, Various and Sundry, Glip Gloop Haberdasher and Helix for Brains! If you help Zoom the snail win by slowing down his opponents, you will be awarded with the achievement Zoom! and receive Zoom (the snail) as a battle pet.


I found it quite easy to complete the achievement by just standing in from of Zoom’s opponents to block their path. But if you struggle, there are toys and pets that can help you. If you use a toy which increases your size, such as the Cursed Feather of Ikzan, it will be easier to block the other snails. Some battle pets also stun or daze the snails temporarily, such as Fragment of Desire.

If you wish to take part in the questionable sport of snail racing, or just want a cute battle pet, the closest flightpath to Stonedark Grotto is the Witchwood. If you have completed enough quests with the Drogbar you can also teleport straight from Thundertotem.


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