A Celestial Invitation

I’ve had my sights on completing Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King for several weeks. After countless Icecrown Citadel runs I finally managed to add the elusive Drudge Ghoul to my collection, and complete the achievement!

After completing the achievement, I received a letter from none other than Algalon, inviting me to a pet battle. And it turns out it was quite a challenge…

Spoiler alert – Algalon pet battle and strategy below.

Algalon’s team consists of Comet (dragonkin), Cosmos and Constellatius (both magical). After trying several different setups without success, I realised I needed to: A) mitigate as much damage as possible from Comet’s flamethrower, and B) keep two pets alive for Algalon’s final pet, Constellatius, so that one of them would survive his Apocalypse.

In the end I settled for a team with Unborn Val’kyr, Anubisath Idol and Emerald Proto-Whelp. After opening with Unborn Val’kyr’s Haunt, I switched to Anubisath Idol to mitigate as much damage as possible with Deflect and Stoneskin. Once Comet has been defeated Algalon will switch to Cosmos, who uses Phase Punch to swap out your active pet regularly. I therefore let Anubisath Idol die, and used Unborn Val’kyr’s Haunt to ensure my Emerald Proto-Whelp couldn’t be switched out (since the Unborn Val’kyr is considered dead during Haunt).

I then alternated between Emerald Dream and Ancient Blessing, and used Breath only when both healing abilities were on cool down. Once Cosmos was defeated, only Constellatius remained and I still had two pets alive! Since he uses Apocalypse and then Wish on cool down, I opted to just keep alternating between Emerald Dream and Ancient Blessing to ensure my Emerald Proto-Whelp survived 15 rounds. And it worked like a charm!


As a reward for defeating Algalon, I received Stardust. It’s probably the prettiest pet in-game, and has some quite unique abilities too!

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