Favourite Zones: The Burning Crusade

I've previously listed my favourite zones from Vanilla, and today the turn has come to The Burning Crusade. Leveling through Outland took me forever back then. I was clueless and still using a 60% speed ground mount, but had a blast anyway! The Burning Crusade is also where I settled into an active guild for the first time and tried raiding, so I'm particularly fond of its zones.

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Battle Pets from Outlands

The pet battle bonus event is now live. It's a great opportunity to level battle pets as they gain 200% more XP during this event. To celebrate the bonus event I'm highlighting some of my favourite battle pets. In my last post I showed off some dragonkin pets from Northrend, and today it's Outlands' turn.

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Warcraft Big Brother, Part Two

What would happen if Jaina, Arthas, Sylvanas, Khadgar, Gul’Dan, Illidan and Maeiv were forced to live under one roof? Well, you no longer have to wonder because I’ve moved all of them into one household in the Sims.

Today's episode takes place in a karaoke bar. Let the mayhem begin!

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PvP Brawl: Deepwind Dunk

I've really enjoyed the PvP brawls so far. Added in 7.2, they offer a fresh take on the battlegrounds we've come to love (or hate - looking at you Temple of Kotmogu). Fortunately Deepwind Dunk is no exception! Taking place in Deepwind Gorge, players pick up dunkballs from the centre of the map and mines. The goal is... Continue Reading →

Transmog Highlights: Antler

Transmog is a way for players to show off their character’s personality. While it’s interesting to see the variety of styles players sport, it’s even more interesting to hear about the ideas behind the look. In this week's Transmog Highlights I'm interviewing Antler the draenei hunter, who has three different transmogs - one for each spec!

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Inky Black Potion

The nights in WoW used to be a lot darker. When I started playing, I preferred nighttime just for the immersion and atmosphere. Some zones where even outright terrifying, such as Duskwood, where you couldn't see what monster were lurking in the shadows!

Luckily, it's now possible to relive the darker nights of Vanilla and bring back some of that atmosphere.

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Sunday Summary

Towards the end of this week I've found myself not quite knowing what to do in-game. Hopefully next week will shake things up, as there's a lot happening in-game! Here's a summary of things that will hopefully keep me and other players busy until next Sunday...

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