Hello again

So, I kind of disappeared a little over a year ago... I was drowning in work, got bored with the game and my computer was outdated. In the end I just unsubscribed and forgot about this blog completely. Fast forward a year. I'm still drowning in work and it's a miracle each time my computer... Continue Reading →

The Critters of Mulgore

There is a small plateau full of critters hidden high up in the mountains between Mulgore and Stonetalon Mountains. At a first glance it seems like a haven; lush, peaceful and teeming with rabbits, mice and prairie dogs. Not a threat in sight.

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Wishlist: Cosmetic Customisation

We're reaching that point in Legion where people are starting to speculate about the next expansion. People are also speculating about possible new features, races and classes. Personally, I am quite content with the current races and classes, but would love to see more cosmetic customisation options in future expansions! Here is a list of some of the changes that are at the top of my wishlist (besides more unicorn mounts!).

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The Wailing Halls

Life seems to keep getting in the way of this blog! It looks like things are calming down however, and in the meantime I thought I'd share some screenshots from my most recent venture, exploring the second LFR wing of Tomb of Sargeras.

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Midsummer Fire Festival

The Midsummer Fire Festival is here! People all over Azeroth light bonfires to celebrate the spirit of summer. Join in by honouring your own faction's fire, or if you're feeling mischievous you can desecrate the opposite faction's instead!

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