The Deadmines Strike Back

Deadmines is the latest pet challenge dungeon to be added to the game. As a fan of both pet battles and nostalgia, it was also one of the first things I checked out when the new patch went live!

Contains spoilers for the Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon.

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Midsummer Fire Festival

The Midsummer Fire Festival is here! People all over Azeroth light bonfires to celebrate the spirit of summer. Join in by honouring your own faction's fire, or if you're feeling mischievous you can desecrate the opposite faction's instead!

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Warcraft Big Brother, Part Three

What would happen if Jaina, Arthas, Sylvanas, Khadgar, Gul’Dan, Illidan and Maeiv had to live under one roof? Well, you no longer have to wonder, because I’ve moved all of them into one household in the Sims! Last time, the group visited a karaoke bar. Today's episode is short but still packed with drama. Let the mayhem begin...

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Tarren Mill vs Southshore

Tarren Mill vs Southshore is making a return in this week's PvP brawl! Back in the early days of WoW, Southshore used to be the heart of world PvP. Horde and Alliance players would clash in an ongoing struggle to control the opposite faction's base. Poor levelers like me, who just wanted to quest in peace and quiet, would constantly get ambushed... And then return at max level to get revenge.

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Squirky the Baby Murloc

The iconic murlocs have caused a great deal of trouble for levelers all over Azeroth. With their slime-coated scales, sharp teeth and murderous nature, they may not seem like the most suitable and cuddly of pets... But they sure are the most adorable ones!

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The Glowcap Festival

Glowcap mushrooms are unique to Zangamarsh and used as currency by the Sporeggar. Taking place today only, the Glowcap Festival is a celebration of these strange mushrooms. Head to Sporeggar to join the sporelings and help Fshoo, the great glowcap, grow stronger!

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